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Kathy Jarvis
I grew up in Breckenridge, Colorado, one of 4 children I was raised by a single mother who made less then $15,000 a year. Even though my mom did not have a lot of money and could not pay for the things I wanted to do, she encouraged me to find a way to do what I loved. I loved sports and loved skiing the most. In order to afford skiing, I worked in a fast food restaurant. I worked hard and trained harder. It paid off, I received a College Scholarship for skiing.

After College I wanted to give back to my community. I developed Youth Ski Programs across the Western U.S. to help kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds get into sports. It was the voice of one of my student's parents who suggested, "that I was meant to become a Stuntwoman!"

Even though I never considered a stunt career, I was curious. Some how I found a way to meet the stunt coordinator on a Disney Film shot in Salt Lake City. This meeting landed me my first film doubling “the leading lady” -- Melora Hardin!” My career as a Stuntwoman began in 1994 and is still going strong. Some of the women I have doubled are: Kate Hudson, Hilary Swank, Meryl Streep, Meg Ryan, Anne Heche, Eva Amuri, Jessica Lange to name a few. And even though I am much more than my credits, you can check them out at

In 2001, after spending many years exploring off road racing, driving legend Ivan Stewart, encouraged me to start a female Protruck team. Sadly, that year I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor and i suffered consequences from a botched surgery. My Protruck pursuit vanished as I concentrated on my health.

To promote my healing I turned to a holistic medical approach and declined drugs. I expanded my yoga program, embraced Qi Gong, NET chiropractic and acupuncture for treatment---I nurtured my femme.

While healing, I continued working as a stunt professional, performing many high-risk vehicle stunts: from rolling a completely flame-engulfed Chevy Suburban in Chill Factor, to jumping a Minivan over 82 feet for a Taco Bell commercial. I have crashed through buildings and into glass atria. I have performed many high-speed chases. I have deliberately (and safely) hit people, and slid sideways into, over and along the side of cameras and crew.

In February of 2006, I attended the Team O’Neil Rally School to continue honing my driving skills. During the 4-day program, I fell for rally racing. Three months later I bought, prepped and finished my first Rally race in Pennsylvania, STPR, known as the fastest, toughest rally to finish in North America.

Finally, the time had come to make my protruck dream come true. In 2006, I raced the notorious Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 off road race as a Solo woman driver. That year, I also finished 2nd Nationally in class on the National Rally Circuit, after my engine blew and took me out of 1st place.

In 2006 and 2007 I was certified as a Rally and Car Control instructor and became a certified Ayurvedic Master. I am registered Ayurveda Perfect Health, Meditation, and Yoga instructor with the Deepak Chopra Center.

And incredibly at the end of 2007, I became a member of the Directors Guild of America as a 2nd Unit (Action) Director.
I have always wanted to race, but always had an excuse why I couldn’t. I did not have the money. I did not know what type of racing I wanted to do. I was working. I was sick.

Then I found Team O’Neil’s Rally School and fell in love with the sport. I bought a rally car and Tim O’Neil took me under his wing.

My first year racing, I placed 2nd overall Nationally in class and 5th in the Nation in 2-wheel drive cars. Even though I was racing a production class car, I placed higher then those who where racing cars with more horsepower, better suspension and bigger brakes.

I would have to say my biggest thrill in driving was driving the #12 Trophy Truck…or was it driving CPD2 an Open Class Rally Car? That’s a tough one.

Regardless, I like to drive. I have had the pleasure of driving everything from beat up old cars in movies, to driving 800 horsepower-Trophy Trucks, to Protrucks and Rally cars.

It all is just…FUN!

I like the diversity of my driving life. I get to roll exploding SUV’s, slide high horsepower performance vehicles under, over and along the side of cameras…and test the limits of myself and the machines. My biggest joy is getting my feet on the pedals of anything with wheels.

Since 1998 Kathy has held “the fastest woman on skis“ and the overall fastest woman on skis and snowboard“ at the “Stunts Unlimited Ski Challenge”

I grew up in Breckenridge, Colorado. I was skiing at the age of 4. Skiing was my babysitter. My mother was a single mom and worked long hours, so she sent me and my brother to the ski area early in the mornings. This love for skiing taught me a lot about self sufficiency, devotion to training, falling and getting up. Skiing even provided me with a scholarship to college. I still love skiing, and now snowboarding. When I am at home in Park City, Utah I hit the slopes frequently. It still helps me hone my balance, endurance and provides time to commune with nature and just be.

Stunt Coordinating encompasses creativity, endurance, judgment, discernment and flexibility. Working with the director to define the action of a movie is challenging on every level. As coordinator, I have a special ability to hunt down the unique and ideal stunt talent for exceptional action to give the director, and ultimately the movie, what it needs.

Second Unit Directing ... a blast with lots of pressure.

I am at the phase where being the director is an adrenaline rush. To create the action and then put it on film has been a dream since I got involved in the movie business. Directing, for me, is consuming. From hiring the right team to perform the action sequences to getting the project done on time. . . without going over budget. Working with so many restraints is a test of my abilities and I love it . . . even though it is more intense then anything else I do.

I feel to live a happy, healthy life one has to come from a conscious, self aware, state of existence. This includes being conscious about our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and our interpretations of experiences. As well, being conscious about our health and the signs our bodies are giving us as a reflection of our choices.

The best way I have found to become conscious is through meditation. By meditating on a daily basis I find balance, fulfillment and a sense of belonging that is carried into all aspects of my life.

I also eat whole organic fresh foods, use Ayurvedic herbs to balance my body, practice yoga and spend a lot of time in nature. I know that every one of us is connected and the light that shines within you is the same light that shines with in me.

I have been searching and studying throughout my life for ways to stay in balance and create the life I love. Along this journey I have been to many places engaging in many different healing modalities.

This past year I found myself in intensive study of Ayurveda. I became a certified Vedic Master at the Deepak Chopra Center. The Vedic Master program combines ancient Vedic wisdom with western thought to create a program that brings wellness, vitality, and a lightness of being.

I enjoy teaching women to feed their soul and find their strength through my program femmefatale experience.

The thought I had during that fall was “Wow this is a long way down. . . NO this is really a long way” and then I hit and did it 2 more times!”

Falling, jumping, tumbling down, it all is really the same. There is so much involved when it comes to falling. Everyone must fall in life or how would we learn how to get ourselves up, wipe our selves off and continue on?

It takes courage to intentionally fall, and more courage to get back up and do it again. It also takes trust, trust in yourself that you will land safely and trust that you will be all right.

Falling is about faith. Faith in yourself. Faith that you can, that you have done the training, that you have honed your body, that you have the awareness to land where you plan and faith in the process of letting go.

Falling is freeing. In that moment when you are falling, lightness, freedom and an inner letting go all happen at once! Then in a quick thud you’re brought back to reality.

I like to fall, it is freeing and exciting . . . adrenaline always kicks in.
Cars And Girls Wallpapers
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Cars And Girls Wallpapers


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